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2023 Study Tour

Join the 2023 BDA Study Tour delegation visiting San Diego from September 27 - 29 to learn how its Downtown is creating vibrant neighborhoods, investing for growth, and adapting to challenges. This is an opportunity to see urban planning from a different perspective and build relationships with other stakeholders invested in Downtown Bellevue’s success. Expect walking tours, site visits, presentations, unique experiences, and networking events.

Paid registration is required and includes three lunches, two breakfasts, and one dinner. Delegates are responsible for booking their own flights and hotel stay. Upon registering, delegates will receive an email confirmation with the recommended flights with Alaska Airline and stay at The US Grant. That confirmation email will also include details about the flight discount promo code and special room block rate.

Topics Explored 

  • Arts & culture programs and projects

  • Downtown organizational planning

  • Economic development / profile

  • Growth challenges and strategies

  • Housing & homelessness strategies

  • Land use planning and development

  • Transportation projects and plans

  • Office space trends

  • Parks and public spaces

  • Placemaking & place management

  • Political climate for decision making

  • Public-private partnerships

  • Tourism and destination marketing

  • Urban planning and project implementation


The Bellevue Downtown Association organizes an annual group of community stakeholders to visit another downtown. Typically a three-day urban excursion, the study tour itinerary is designed to expose the group to a range of experiences that helps broaden their understanding of other downtown communities.


  • In-depth look at attractions shaping the downtown experience.

  • Insight on core economic development, transportation and land use issues.

  • Review emerging opportunities and trends.

  • New strategies for shaping downtown livability.

  • Unique marketing practices that define and enhance a downtown's profile.

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