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Day 3: September 29

Neighborhoods: Civic Center and Little Italy 

Themes: Central business district, affordable and workforce housing; Waterfront Park; celebrating neighborhood character; partnering to create public spaces  

4:30 PM

Sep 29, 2023

A conversation on how San Diego is addressing housing issues

A discussion with experts about Downtown San Diego’s housing market conditions and needs. The conversation will explore the key challenges, strategies and programs, and solutions that have proved to increase housing production.

5:30 PM

Sep 29, 2023

[Walking Tour] Civic Center Neighborhood

Walk the heart of Downtown San Diego and learn about how it’s the core city life and economic activity.

6:00 PM

Sep 29, 2023

The community value of programable green space and park amenities

See how a 12-acre park is designed for a variety of uses and hear what it takes to manage and maintain such a popular, versatile park.

6:30 PM

Sep 29, 2023

[Transition] Waterfront Park → Piazza della Famiglia in Little Italy

The delegates will walk from Waterfront Park to the Piazza della Famiglia where they'll have lunch in the Little Italy Food Hall.

7:00 PM

Sep 29, 2023

The story of Piazza della Famiglia, an open space connecting a community

Have lunch and hear a presentation about the story of a restaurateur and developer who came together to create an iconic open space that celebrates food, culture, and neighborhood’s character.

8:30 PM

Sep 29, 2023

[Break] Free time before traveling back home

This is time for time for delegates to collect themselves before traveling to the airport; note: delegate are responsible for their own transportation.

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