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Day 1: September 27

Neighborhood: Marina District and Columbia 

Themes: Waterfront planning and activation; urban spaces for families; pedestrian corridor management and activation; political climate around decision making  

6:00 PM

Sep 27, 2023

Delegation arrives in San Diego and heads to Rady Shell

Delegates arriving on Alaska Flight 1186 will take a charter bus to Rady Shell for lunch and a tour. Luggage will be left on the bus and taken to the US Grant Hotel for safe storage.

6:45 PM

Sep 27, 2023

[Lunch] Fuel up at the Urban Kitchen with Blais Picnic Boxes

Upon arrival, the delegates will be escorted to Prebsy Plaza for lunch provided by Urban Kitchen.

7:15 PM

Sep 27, 2023

A look into the Rady Shell and the story of how a community rallied behind the project

Explore the recently opened amphitheater and experience the iconic architecture of a state-of-the-art open-air music venue. Hear how San Diego Symphony rallied community support to privately fund and build a landmark destination.

9:00 PM

Sep 27, 2023

Why urban spaces and services for children matter

Experience how the New Children’s Museum is serving the community and hear from its leaders on why investing in spaces for families and kids matter in an urban setting.

9:45 PM

Sep 27, 2023

[Walking Tour] Travel the Embarcadero and see the value of programable waterfront spaces

Managing the Embarcadero. Learn how the Port of San Diego oversees the activity on the waterfront and works with stakeholders to create a destination experience.

10:30 PM

Sep 27, 2023

Welcoming reception for placemakers and city shapers powered by Amazon

Welcome from the City of San Diego and Port of San Diego + Insights in governance and political scene around decision making.

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