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Brian Kenner

Head of HQ2 Policy


Brian Kenner is a veteran of the deputy mayor’s office, having served as chief of staff there under former mayors Vincent C. Gray and Adrian M. Fenty, giving him familiarity with the wide array of real estate projects, housing and business incentives for which he will be responsible. A D.C. resident and native of Iowa, he is a former staffer at Fannie Mae and the real estate services firm JLL.

Currently, Brian Kenner serves as the head of HQ2 Policy in his role working in Economic Development for Amazon. His dedication to societal innovation and communal progression are what make him stand out.

A DC resident, Brian Kenner received his Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Financial Analysis & Economic Development from Harvard University in 1998 after receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa in Biology.

Brian Kenner
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